Prof. Wu Xiong Zhi

Tianjin Medical University

    About Professor Wu XiongZhi:

    Professor Wu was firstly a western medical doctor and then later trained in Chinese medicine. Dr. Wu obtained his PhD in 2005 at Medical School of West China, Sichuan University and is a Professor and PhD Supervisor of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital and is the vice director of the Integrative Oncology Department. Dr. Wu was awarded the title ‘Creative Talented Scholar’ by the Tianjin Government and Tianjin Medical University.

    Dr. Wu has published more than 50 papers and 2 books published and is also Editor in Chief of Traditional Medicine Research which is a host for international journals.

    Six Channel Method in Gynecology:

    We are fortunate enough to have Dr. Wu teaching the last 3 days of our Jing Fang Conference. He will be hosting an extensive 3-day seminar session on how to use the Six Channel Method in Gynecology. Dr. Wu’s insight into the Six Channels will be a more comprehensive and thorough teaching than seminars he has previously taught. This course will be taught in Chinese.