Dr. Tao You Qiang

Director, Feng Shi Lun Jing Fang Institute

    About Dr. You Qiang Tao:

    Dr. Tao You Qiang was a pupil of Jing Fang expert, Shi Lun Feng. He received his Master degree in Chinese medicine and is now devoted to teaching classical Jing Fang formulas.  Since graduating, Dr. Tao has had more than 10 academic papers published and taken part in numerous research programmes – all relating to different aspects of Jing Fang. He has also taught all around the world, including: America, Australia, South Korea, Russia, Canada and France.

    Dr. Tao focuses on psychological counseling and stresses the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Some of his areas of expertise include: chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic gastroenteritis, rheumatoid rheumatism and chronic prostatitis.

    Achievements of Six Channels Application:

    Dr. Tao You Qiang’s lecture will be a follow-up on the previous lecture by Dr. Shi Lun Feng – his teacher. The lecture will give a brief insight into how using the Six Channel method and application has been successful. The session will also be beneficial for those wanting a deeper understanding on the Six Channels theory but without it being too comprehensive or extensive.