Prof. Robert Yao

Chief Jing Fang Lecturer, Five Branches University, USA

    About Professor Robert Yao:

    Dr. Robert Yao is a professor at Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Branches University in San Jose, California, USA. He is also a visiting professor at International Institute of Jing Fang in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, China. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University School of Medicine from 1991 to 1994.

    Prof. Yao has dedicated over 30 years to TCM and is now one of the experts of Jing Fang. He received his Masters of Medicine in Internal Medicine from Capital Medical University then later received his PhD in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Five Branches University, California.

    Prof. Yao was also awarded the ‘Lesley David Burgess Lifetime Achievement Award’, bestowed by the government of Santa Clara County, California USA for his “thoughtful, careful and comprehensive care to many thousands of patients afflicted with HIV” using Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Infertility Using Classic Formulas:

    Following his lecture on the Introduction to Comprehensive Studies of Classic Formulas, Prof. Yao’s half-day seminar will focus on Infertility Using Classic Formulas. Following many testimonials advocating Chinese herbal medicine being successful for infertility, Prof. Yao will explore traditional Jing Fang methods and which are appropriate for infertility. You can expect him to share his prescriptions, experiences and the most successful formulas.

    Professor Yao is also fluent in English and medical terms of English. He had studied in English major in East China Normal University and graduated in 1982 and both his lecture and seminar will be taught in English.

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