Dr. Lou Shao Kun

Zhejiang Health College of Chinese Medicine

    About Dr. Lou Shao Kun:

    Dr. Lou Shaokun is currently a senior lecturer in Chinese medicine at the Zhejiang Health College of Chinese Medicine. Over the years, he has been engaged in the clinical research of Zhang Zhongjing’s theory – focusing on the treatment of difficult and complicated disease by combining different formulas and treatment methods.

    Dr. Lou Shaokun has published more than 10 clinical research papers on the ‘Treatise of Cold Damage’ in Chinese medical magazines in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Guangzhou. He has also made many speeches at national and international Jing Fang Conferences due to him being one of the main leaders of the method. Dr. Lou also had his book ‘Life in Chinese Medicine’ published in 2015 which is extremely popular around the world and focuses on combining acupuncture of external treatment with specialist formulas.

    Interpretation of Jing Fang Clinical Cases:

    Dr. Lou Shaokun will be kicking off our week of seminars with a half day Chinese seminar on his interruption of Jing Fang clinical cases. Unlike a lot of Jing Fang experts, Dr. Lou spent a lot of his early career focusing on self-study which brings a different element to his teaching and findings.

    As Dr. Lou has spent a lot of his time committed to Zhongjing’s theories, his interruption offers different insights and interruptions of Jing Fang and will offer a distinctive experience.

    This course will be taught in Chinese.