Prof. Li Saimei

Guangzhou University of TCM

    Profile of Dr. Professor Saimei Li MD PhD

    Dr Li Saimei is renowned as the chief Chinese medicine doctor in Guangdong Province. She is extremely accomplished and she has numerous roles including at Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a Professor, Chief Physician, Doctoral Tutor, Dean of the department of “Treatise on Cold Damage” and the Director of the Institute of Clinical Research on Chinese Medicine Classics.

    In addition to her extensive career, she is also the Deputy Director at the Institute for Quantitative and Qualitative Research of Jing Fang Formulas and Medicinals, at the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies; Vice President of the Association of Quantitative and Qualitative Research of Formulas and Medicinals at the Association of Zhongjing Chinese Medicine.

    She has long been engaged in teaching the Chinese medicine clinical classics and in clinical research of traditional Chinese medicine. She is extremely skilled at applying the Jing Fang differentiation method to treat diabetes, liver disease, hyperthyroidism, depression and other complicated diseases. She has made remarkable achievements in treating diabetes and heart disease, in research and clinical application.

    She has been awarded several accolades including The National Model Teacher, the National Female Example for Education, the national “March 8th Red Flag Bearer”, Outstanding Female Chinese Medicine Physician and Teaching Master of Guangdong Province.  She is the editor of nearly 40 books and has published more than 200 academic papers. She won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and achieved 9 project results at provincial and ministerial level. She is a world’s well-known scholar for “Treatise on Cold Damage” and an expert on diabetes treatment.

    Prof. Li is highly respected as the Teaching Master of Guangdong Province and is listed in the Top 10 Most Outstanding Women of Guangzhou.