Prof. Huang Huang

Dean of the International Jing Fang Institute, NJUCM

    About Professor Huang Huang:

    Huang Huang is a world-renowned classical practitioner and is named as the “Renowned Chinese Doctor of Jiangsu Province”. He has been an academic at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine since 1982 and today, he is a Professor, Doctoral Supervisor and also the Dean of the International Jing Fang Institute at the University. Huang has also lectured widely throughout China, and recently in the United States and Australia as well.

    Prof. Huang started his education in TCM in 1973 with assistance from famous TCM doctors from the Jiangsu province. In 1979, Prof. Huang majored in Chinese medical theory, then later obtained his Masters in Medicine in 1982. He then went on to complete his Doctor’s Degree in Medicine at the Juntendo University School of Medicine in Japan in 1999.

    Huang advocates the study and application of TCM classical formulas, the modern literature on single herb and formula indications, and the application for classical formula patterns on constitutional types. Huang has focused on studying the experiences of famous TCM clinicians and examining the different schools of classical formulas. He encourages comparing different schools of thought in Chinese medical theory in each era.

    We are fortunate to have experts like Huang Huang who are able to draw the essence from the well of Chinese medicine, but also with the enthusiasm to synthesise the contributions of doctors from the past, and clinically apply the knowledge to modern life. Furthermore, he is well known for his captivating teaching style which students find enjoyable to learn.

    Jing Fang Body Constitution Differentiation and Clinical Application:

    Following the success of our 3-day CPD course with Huang Huang in 2016, we’re incredibly honoured to have him join us for the International Jing Fang Conference in London 2018. Professor Huang Huang will be teaching on another 3-day course on ‘Jing Fang body constitution differentiation and clinical application’. The 3-day course will allow you to learn directly from Huang Huang in person, and you will gain an extensive knowledge into how to use Jing Fang to distinguish certain disease with body constitutions, and how to apply this in clinic.

    This three-day session is an extremely rare and valuable experience and will give you a great insight into Jing Fang and its classical methods and how it is relevant for modern diseases.

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