Prof. Feng Shi Lun

Sino Japanese Friendship Hospital, Beijing

    About Professor Feng Shi Lun:

    Feng Shi Lun is a professor and known worldwide as the famous Chief Physician in the capital city of Beijing. He is an honorary Chairman of the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhang Zhongjing Teachings Association. Besides teaching in Beijing, he is also a visiting professor, senior academic and medical adviser for many Chinese Medicine universities and hospitals in China and abroad.

    Dr. Feng still practices 6 days a week at the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospitals in Beijing. Over the years, Feng Shi Lun has dedicated his career to bringing classical Chinese medicine to the modern world through scientific research, clinical practice and teaching. He has published over 10 different books and multiple articles all advocating the understanding of the Jing Fang method of the Shang Han Lun. He has also been engaged in clinical studies and trials using TCM to treat bronchitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis and even won the Science and Technology Prize by the Ministry of Health in the 90’s.

    He specialises in treating the common diseases in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and paediatrics such as fever and diseases by extra heat; cough and asthma; gastrointestinal disease; hepatobiliary disease; Bi Syndrome; endocrine disorders; Sjogren’s syndrome; pediatric cough; irregular menstruation; chronic prostatitis; infertility; and intractable pruritus (itching) skin disease etc. In particular, he has a deep understanding and rich experience in application of Classical Formulas to treat various kinds of difficult and complicated diseases. He uses simple but very effective medication.

    Feng Shi Lun is an internationally recognised Jing Fang master and we are incredibly honoured to have him join us at the International Jing Fang Conference.

    Jing Fang Treatment on Chronic Respiratory Disease & Auto-immune Rheumatic Disease:

    As previously mentioned, Dr. Feng has taken part in trials and studies involving his chosen topic, making him an expert when it comes to Jing Fang. Dr. Feng tirelessly teaches and publishes on the modern TCM system and the traditional system so his whole day session will be an extensive insight into his findings and teachings. Dr. Feng’s specialist subjects include; clinical approach for coronary disorders, lung conditions and emotional disorders. He’s an advocate for keeping classical thinking and practice alive. His insight into chronic respiratory disease and immune rheumatic disease will offer recommended dosage, treatment and how to diagnose.

    Despite regularly teaching in the United States, Japan, Russia, Australia, Canada and China – as well as being involved in online webinars that are broadcasted all over the world – this is a rare opportunity to see Dr. Feng in the UK and is an opportunity that shouldn’t to be missed.

    This full-day course is a rare opportunity to learn from Dr Feng himself, as he is famed for his lifetime achievement in Jing Fang practice. You may have heard about him through his highly esteemed students, who have taught his school of thought around the world, but now is the chance to learn from the master himself.

    Dr Feng will be teaching you how to use classical Jing Fang formulas to treat two main conditions: Chronic respiratory diseases and Autoimmune Rheumatic Disease. As the modern lifestyle becomes further pressured by stress, poor diet & lifestyle, and environmental pollutants, these diseases are becoming more and more prevalent. This course will allow you to look at the origin of the conditions and to treat them from the rootcause.

    Dr Feng Shilun will be delivering this full day course with Dr Tao Youqiang in Chinese and this will be translated into English. the interpreter will be Mrs. Zhi Hua GAO, former president of the RCHM.

    This is a full day course and includes tea breaks and lunch.