Treating Infertility Using Classic Formulas & Treating Blood Stasis – 2 Half Day Courses


This ticket includes one entry to both Robert Yao’s half-day course on ‘Infertility Using Classic Formulas’ and Volker Scheid’s half-day course on ‘Treating Blood Stasis’ on Wednesday 3rd October 2018. Lunch and a refreshment break are also included in the ticket.

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This is a full day consisting of two half-day lectures with Professors Robert Yao and Volker Scheid. Both courses will be taught in English and will not be translated.

Professor Robert Yao – Classic Formulas for Female Infertility

Brief overview of what the lecture is about:

TCM gynecology defines the female infertility as a woman of reproductive age who has not conceived after over 2 years of unprotected sex life or the women who had previous pregnancy are unable to conceive again after over 2 years of unprotected sex.

From TCM point of view, the causes of female infertility mainly cover Yang deficiency of kidney, Ying deficiency of kidney, liver depression, Phlegm and dampness and blood stasis.

Correspondingly, Wen Jing Tang, Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan, Si Ni San, Dang Gui Shao Yao San, Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang, Dang Gui Si Ni Tang, Zhen Wu Tang, Shen Qi Wan, etc. have been used for different cases clinically.

This lecture will introduce the latest progress of using above classic formulas, how to precisely use the formulas through distinguishing different body patterns, formula indications and how to modify the above formulas based on clinical conditions.

The possible pharmacologic mechanisms of the above formulas will be explored. Several clinical group and individual case studies will be presented and discussed.

Learning objectives:

The purpose of this lecture is to guide us skillfully use the formulas for the infertility women who have different body patterns and manifest in different formula indications.

This half-day lecture will be hosted by Prof. Robert Yao. As this is a half day course, it will run from 9am until 1pm.

Professor Yao is also fluent in English and medical terms of English. He had majored in English at the East China Normal University and graduated in 1982. This lecture will be taught in English.

Professor Volker Scheid – Treating Blood Stasis:

This half-day lecture will be hosted by Professor Volker Scheid. The Prof. Volker Scheid Course will explore ‘Treating Blood Stasis’ and will be held on Wednesday 3rd October. As this is a half day course, it will run from 2pm until 6pm.

Blood Stasis or Blood Stagnation is a key contributing factor to many chronic diseases and is somewhat of a modern manifestation. Volker will be looking at how we can identify patterns in people suffering from blood stasis and how to apply the suitable classical formulas using Jing Fang in a clinical setting.

Prof. Scheid has dedicated many years to the teaching and practice of TCM. Prof. Scheid has taught East Asian medicine at the University of Cambridge, SOAS, and now the University of Westminster. He is also a licensed practitioner of natural medicine in his native Germany and has a number of published articles within textbooks and articles. He now runs The Clinic @ Southbank which is an extremely popular acupuncture, physiotherapy and Chinese herbal medicine clinic.

Volker is one of our few Western speakers and his session promises to be engaging, interesting and extremely insightful.

This lecture will be spoken in English.

Lunch will be from 1pm until 2pm and is included in your ticket price.

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Robert Yao, Volker Scheid

Event Details

Date: October 03, 2018

Start time: 09:00 a.m.

End time: 18:00 p.m.

Venue: London Heathrow Marriott Hotel

Directions: London Heathrow Marriott Hotel is easily accessible by train, via the M25 and M4 motorways and also from London Heathrow Airport. Bath Road, Heathrow Airport Hayes, UB3 5AN United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1245 350822


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