Course Bundle Save £150: Arnaud Versluys, Feng Shi Lun & Robert Yao


This English CPD Course Bundle includes one entry to Arnaud Versluys’ course, Feng Shi Lun’s course and Robert Yao’s course from Monday 1st October to Wednesday 3rd October. Lunch and refreshments breaks are also included.

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This CPD course bundle includes entry to Professor Arnaud Versluys’ course, Professor Feng Shi Lun’s course, and Professor Robert Yao’s course. If you’d like to attend the entire week at a discounted price, view our Full Event Pass.

Please note that these courses will be delivered in English, with the exception of Prof. Feng Shi Lun’s course which will be translated into English by the highly skilled Katherine Gao.

This 3-day bundle will include lunch and refreshments.

Canonical Chinese Medicine: A Case-Based Instruction on the Treatment of Auto-Immune Disorders using Canonical Formulas from the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue – Dr Arnaud Versluys:

The clinical nature of the topic lends itself to a case-based delivery of the material. Dr Versluys has for years exclusively been practicing the classical style of internal medicine as instructed in the Shanghan and the Jingui and has amassed a great amount of experience in this field. In this course, he will share this experience as it pertains to the classical herbal treatment of immune disorders such as Crohn’s Disease, Auto-immune Hepatitis, Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Lupus SLE, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Psoriatic Arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, etc.

  • This course will present the participant with valuable clinical strategies while deepening the understanding of immune disorders from a classical perspective.
  • This course will teach the participant to treat a wide variety of auto-immune disorders using classical herbal prescriptions

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Jing Fang Treatment of Asthma and Bi-Syndromes – Dr Feng Shi Lun:

Based on the combination of the 6 channels and the 8 principles syndrome differentiation theory, we can interpret asthmatic syndromes and apply Jing Fang (classic formulas). There is a significant difference between Jing Fang Medical Science and Shi Fang Medical Science in the treatment of asthma. Jing Fang is based on the Six Channels (Liu Jing) and Eight Principles (Ba Gang) Syndrome Differentiation theory which comes from Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage). Shi Fang Medical Science is based on the Zang Fu Principle Syndrome Differentiation Theory which comes from the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classics). Fortunately, Professor Feng has a unique understanding of treating asthma, especially Six Channel Differential Treatment of asthma combined with phlegm and blood stagnation. Along with clinical case studies, he will use his experience to teach us the commonly used formulas used to treat this syndrome. He will highlight the methodology and
the application process of treatment of complex cases which have more than one syndrome.

Bi Syndrome (Bi Zheng)

In this lecture, Prof. Feng will apply the Jing Fang theory to analyse the typical signs and symptoms of Bi Syndrome. By summarising the classical and derivative formulas, he will explore the treatment of Bi Syndrome with interesting clinical case studies.
Prof Feng will explain that when treating Six Channel syndromes, it is more often that you will also need to treat Shao Yin syndrome. To do this, there are common rules and specific rules to follow. He emphasizes the comorbidity of the half-internal and half-external (Ban Biao Ban Li) syndrome with the Shao Yin Syndrome.

  • This course will aid you in categorising typical formulas and related formulas and applying them to asthmatic diseases and bi-syndromes.
  • This course will emphasise the importance of using a combination of internal and external treatment for asthmatic diseases and bi-syndromes.

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Classic Formulas for Female Infertility & Blood Stasis – Dr Robert Yao:

TCM gynaecology defines female infertility as a woman of reproductive age who has not conceived after over 2 years of unprotected sex life or the women who had previous pregnancy are unable to conceive again after over 2 years of unprotected sex.

From TCM point of view, the causes of female infertility mainly cover Yang deficiency of kidney, Ying deficiency of kidney, liver depression, Phlegm and dampness and blood stasis.

This lecture will introduce the latest progress of using above classic formulas, how to precisely use the formulas by distinguishing different body patterns, formula indications and how to modify the above formulas based on clinical conditions. The possible pharmacologic mechanisms of the above formulas will be explored. Several clinical groups and individual case studies will be presented and discussed.

Blood Stasis or Blood Stagnation is a key contributing factor to many chronic diseases and is somewhat of a modern manifestation. Robert will be looking at how we can identify patterns in people suffering from blood stasis and how to apply the suitable classical formulas using Jing Fang in a clinical setting.

  • This course will guide you to skillfully use the formulas for the infertility women who have different body patterns and manifest in different formula indications.
  • This course will explore formulas such as: Wen Jing Tang, Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan, Si Ni San, Dang Gui Shao Yao San, Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang, Dang Gui Si Ni Tang, Zhen Wu Tang, Shen Qi Wan, etc. have been used for different cases clinically.

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This bundle will give you full access to all English CPD courses, saving you over £150.

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Arnaud Versluys, Feng Shilun, Robert Yao



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