We were incredibly fortunate to bring together Jing Fang academics from all over the world. Professor Huang Huang, Professor Feng Shilun and Professor Lou Shaokun, are three of the most highly regarded Jing Fang Physicians and Academics, and are very rarely in Europe. We were honoured to have a platform where we can gather together and learn from the different channels of knowledge that each speaker has obtained throughout their professional journey.

We were pleased to have YiZhen Jia – Lecturer of the Jing Fang module at the University of Westminster UK, and Katherine Gao – former president of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine RCHM, and Ping Xu – Harley Street TCM Practitioner, on board as translators for the event. All three are highly regarded as experienced practitioners and academics in the UK and are well versed in western and eastern medical terms.

Prof. Feng Shi Lun

Sino Japanese Friendship Hospital, Beijing

Keynote speaker:
Understanding the Six Channels
Conference day 1: 11:30 29/09/2018

    Prof. Huang Huang

    Dean of the International Jing Fang Institute, NJUCM

    Keynote speaker:
    Methods and experience of Jing Fang application
    Conference day 1: 09:30

      Dr. Lou Shao Kun

      Zhejiang Health College of Chinese Medicine

      Keynote speaker
      Key Factors of Jing Fang
      Conference Day 1: 14:00 29/09/2018

        Prof. Li Saimei

        Guangzhou University of TCM

        Keynote speaker:
        Treatment of Diabetes with Jing Fang 以火热立论糖尿病辨治理论与实践
        Conference Day 2: 14:00

          Prof. Wang San Hu

          VP of Oncology Committee, World Federation of TCM

          Keynote speaker:
          Treatment of Colon Cancer with Jing Fang
          Conference day 1 16:00

            Dr. Arnaud Versluys

            Director, Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine

            Keynote speaker:
            Han Dynasty Huangdi Neijing View on Immune Response 经方在自身免疫系统疾病的治疗
            Conference Day 2: 11:30 30/09/2018

            Prof. Robert Yao

            Chief Jing Fang Lecturer, Five Branches University, USA

            Keynote speaker:
            Introduction to Comprehensive Studies of Classic Formulas
            Conference Day 2: 09:30 30/09/2018

              Dr. Tao You Qiang

              Director, Feng Shi Lun Jing Fang Institute

              Keynote speaker:
              Achievements of Six Channels Application
              Conference Day 1: 16:30


                Ping Xu MSc BM MATCM

                Advanced Harley Street TCM Practitioner and Part-Time Lecturer

                Advanced TCM and Jing Fang Practitioner

                  Katherine Gao BSc MRCHM MBAcC

                  Former RCHM President

                  Medically trained and an experienced herbal medicine practitioner

                    Mrs Yi Zhen Jia MSc, MRCHM

                    Visiting lecturer Jing Fang, University of Westminster

                    Medically trained and an experienced herbal medicine practitioner in the UK.