Classical Formulas for Modern Disease

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We all had the same vision; to bring the tradition of Classical Herbalism forward to modern day healthcare. With expertise in education, supply chain, marketing and research, we have been able to combine our skills to organise an incredible and comprehensive event dedicated to Jing Fang.

International Jing Fang Conference

What is Jing Fang?

Jing Fang 经方 or Classical Chinese medicine is a system which identifies patterns according to the Six Channels which was first described by master Zhang Zhongjing 张仲景 in the Shanghan Lun 伤寒论 (Treatise on Cold Damage). Jing Fang has been developed into its own theory within Chinese medicine. In addition, we categorise symptoms according to the Eight Guiding Principles: Yin and Yang; Exterior and Interior; Heat and Cold; and lastly Deficiency and Excess. Using this system, we are able to recognise the root cause and treat the patient, and not just the disease itself. Jing Fang is based upon using simple ingredients and light dosages, from which has resulted in great clinical efficacy in short periods of time. For this reason, Jing Fang has gained a lot of attention amongst practitioners in Europe, the USA and Canada.

About the International Jing Fang Conference

Chinese medicine is not provided through primary healthcare systems in the West and so training can be very limited. In the UK, education in herbal medicine is now more threatened than ever before. Jing Fang is our chance to change that. We hosted 8 of the world’s most well known Jing Fang teachers including Professor Huang Huang and Professor Feng Shilun. For the first time in history, these world-class academics gathered under one roof to teach us their knowledge that they had accumulated over years of unprecedented practice.

The International Jing Fang Conference had support from Universities, societies and regulatory bodies from all over the world, all of whom share our vision and ideology for Jing Fang. We were humbled to have such strong support and we hope to continue our work with Jing Fang in the west.

The Weekend Conference was a chance for practitioners to gain a comprehensive insight into various styles, topics and case studies from our Jing Fang masters. It also gave delegates the chance to meet like-minded practitioners from all over the world. To take your learning to the next level, we organised a week of exciting CPD courses exploring topics such as autoimmunity, chronic respiratory disorders and infertility.

I'm an acupuncturist but haven't trained in herbal medicine, can I learn Jing Fang?

Yes absolutely! Jing Fang is an excellent starting point for acupuncturists who want to learn herbal medicine, especially as you already have knowledge in Chinese medicine. Jing Fang will take your practice and career to the next level.

You will learn how to diagnose patients according to the symptoms presented and then how to prescribe formulas. Our keynote speakers will teach you how to adjust your formulas throughout treatment to help you achieve results in the most efficient way possible.

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