Classical Formulas for Modern Disease

The First International Jing Fang Conference


Organised and hosted by:

European Association of Jing Fang
phoenix academy of acupuncture and herbal medicine
Five Branches University
International Jing Fang Conference
Making history

This will be the first time ever in the history of Chinese medicine, whereby the world’s most renowned  Jing Fang masters will be brought together to teach their schools of thought to us. We have organised this conference to be as comprehensive as possible, giving you the chance to experience being taught by each teacher.

About International Jing Fang Conference 2018

As our valued speakers are from all over the world, we will have professional translators to ensure that all lectures spoken in Chinese are also delivered in English.

As this is such a rare opportunity, we strongly recommend that all delegates attend the two main conference days and as many CPD courses as possible. The conference days will involve lectures from all of our speakers, giving you an in depth insight into all of the different leaders’ teachings in Jing Fang.  The CPD Lecture Series is a selection of full or half day courses, which offer a more personal learning experience with the teachers. To ensure delegates gain the most out of the lectures, we have split the programme into English and Chinese spoken courses, with the exception of courses by Prof Feng Shi Lun and Prof Huang Huang, which will be translated into English from Chinese.

Your professional development

We will be holding a two day conference to give you the chance to learn from all of our keynote speakers.  Following the conference, we will have a week of CPD courses with the likes of Prof Huang Huang and Prof Feng Shilun for a more extensive insight into Jing Fang methods. All lectures and courses for this event count towards your CPD. Click the button below to view the full CPD course schedule.





Keynote speakers

Meet the Jing Fang masters

Prof. Feng Shi Lun

Sino Japanese Friendship Hospital, Beijing

Keynote speaker:
Understanding the Six Channels
Conference day 1: 11:30 29/09/2018

    Prof. Huang Huang

    Dean of the International Jing Fang Institute, NJUCM

    Keynote speaker:
    Methods and experience of Jing Fang application
    Conference day 1: 09:30

      Dr. Lou Shao Kun

      Zhejiang Health College of Chinese Medicine

      Keynote speaker
      Key Factors of Jing Fang
      Conference Day 1: 14:00 29/09/2018

        Prof. Li Saimei

        Guangzhou University of TCM

        Keynote speaker:
        Treatment of Diabetes with Jing Fang 以火热立论糖尿病辨治理论与实践
        Conference Day 2: 14:00

          Prof. Wang San Hu

          VP of Oncology Committee, World Federation of TCM

          Keynote speaker:
          Treatment of Colon Cancer with Jing Fang
          Conference day 1 16:00

            Dr. Arnaud Versluys

            Director, Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine

            Keynote speaker:
            Han Dynasty Huangdi Neijing View on Immune Response 经方在自身免疫系统疾病的治疗
            Conference Day 2: 11:30 30/09/2018

            Prof. Robert Yao

            Chief Jing Fang Lecturer, Five Branches University, USA

            Keynote speaker:
            Introduction to Comprehensive Studies of Classic Formulas
            Conference Day 2: 09:30 30/09/2018

              Prof. Wu Xiong Zhi

              Tianjin Medical University

              Keynote speaker:
              Six Channel Method in Gynecology
              Seminar Day 4: 09:00

                Dr. Tao You Qiang

                Director, Feng Shi Lun Jing Fang Institute

                Keynote speaker:
                Achievements of Six Channels Application
                Conference Day 1: 16:30

                  Conference Schedule

                  Conference days: 1 & 2

                  We will have translators available to interpret lectures taught in Chinese. We strongly recommend that delegates attend all lectures on days 1 & 2 as this will give you exposure to each world renowned speaker.

                  Seminar days: 3 – 7

                  We have split the seminar days into English and Chinese spoken lectures.

                  08.30 - 09.00
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                  Introduction to the first International Jing Fang Conference - hosted by Phoenix Medical and Mr. Da Peng Zhang with speeches from Prof. Huang Huang

                  Mr. Dapeng ZHANG 张大鹏

                  Professor Huang Huang will be the first to lecture, with an introduction to Jing Fang. Huang Huang will be explaining what Jing Fang is and how it differs from Traditional Chinese Medicine. He will then explain the importance of Jing Fang and why we should be promoting the practice, particularly in the West. He will then teach us the foundations of Jing Fang: how to identify formula presentations within patients. This enables practitioners to deduce the patient's health for appropriate treatment.
                  The Shang Han Lun was designed upon formula presentations, where disease patterns are identified and then assigned to the appropriate formula.
                  For example, symptoms such as vomiting blood and nosebleeds, would warrant a prescription of Xi Xin Tang. Cramps on the calf muscle and feet would call for Xiao Yao Gan Cao Tang. Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang would be used for symptoms such as vomiting and bloated/distended abdomen.
                  Huang Huang's style of Jing Fang involves the treatment triangle, which looks at the disease, the patient and formulation. The Formulation-Patient side is based on analysing the body constitution, which entails the body type, muscle composition, skin, digestion, pulse, body language, and diseases within the family. The aim of this is to identify a common pattern within the patient. The purpose of formula presentation is to adjust and stimulate the patient's own immune system.
                  Lastly, Huang Huang will give delegates a few words of wisdom from his extensive career in Jing Fang to help you succeed.
                  Professor Huang Huang is well-known for his engaging style of teaching. He's able to break down complex ideas and explain them in a way that's easy to understand. He also includes real cases from his years of practice to explain texts in Jing Fang that historically, may not have been well explored. You are guaranteed to find learning with Professor Huang very enjoyable.
                  Professor Huang Huang will then follow on from this lecture with a full 3-day CPD course on the 4-6th October at this venue. The course is titled Body Constitution Differentiation and Clinical Application. This lecture will be translated into English.

                  1. 什么是经方?
                  2. 为什么要提倡经方?
                  3. 如何识别经方方证?
                  4. 学习经方的技巧?

                  Prof. Huang HUANG 黄煌教授

                  This will be a chance for delegates and key speakers to have a refreshment break and take group photos to document the first International Jing Fang Conference. There will also be trade stands where delegates can browse and try samples for different companies, including Phoenix Medical.

                  It's a rare opportunity to learn from Professor Feng Shilun himself, as his highly esteemed apprentices are usually those who teach practitioners all over the world. We're honoured to have Dr Feng in person to teach us his chosen topics. On Day 1, Dr Feng will be teaching: Understanding the Six Channels. Dr Feng will then follow on with a full day course on Jing Fang treatment on chronic respiratory disease and autoimmune rheumatic diseases on the 2nd October 2018, which will be open to both English and Chinese speaking delegates.
                  Through years of reorganisation and excavation of Master Hu Xi Shu’s legacy, Professor Feng Shilun has systematically improved the theory of Jing Fang medicine. It is a system that guides the diagnosis and treatment of diseases through the Six Channels and the Eight Principles. In this lecture, Prof. Feng will clarify the core principles of the Six Channels from the Shang Han Lun and Eight Principle theory.

                  Prof. Feng Shilun 冯世纶教授

                  We will be providing a delicious three-course lunch for our delegates and key speakers which will allow you to network and browse the trade stands.

                  Dr. Lou Shaokun is highly respected in Chinese medicine research and has published more than 10 clinical research papers on “Treatise on Cold Damage”. In 2012, he published "Life in Chinese Medicine - An Old Chinese Medicine Doctor’s Romance with Classical Formulas", since then the book has had 9 more editions.
                  Dr Lou Shaokun is an advocate of treating patients by adapting classical formulas throughout the course of treatment, much like TCM. He believes that it is fundamental that practitioners make clinical judgment and diagnosis based on the symptoms presented and not the disease as labelled. In this lecture, Dr Lou will present common clinical cases and identify the main symptoms that you should look for. He will then reveal which formulas should be assigned to each case. He will also teach us how, when and where to make modifications to formulas.
                  He will also be delivering a lecture in Mandarin Chinese on the 3rd October: Revealing the Secrets of Jing Fang Application 经方医案解密.

                  Dr. Lou Shaokun 娄绍昆医生

                  Delegates and key speakers will be offered refreshments and snacks.

                  Prof. Wang has dedicated his career to treating cancer patients with Jing Fang and he is also the Vice President of the Oncology Society at the World Federation of TCM. In Europe, herbal medicine is rarely put into the driving seat of cancer treatment and is often used as a supplement to conventional methods Prof. Wang will talk about his clinical experience and success stories in this field.

                  Professor Wang will be delivering a lecture in Mandarin Chinese on the 3rd October: Treating Lung Cancer with Jing Fang 抗癌攻坚有中医 – 肺癌的经方治疗 .

                  Prof. Wang Sanhu 王三虎教授

                  We will be holding a drinks reception to celebrate the first day of the conference and to allow you to have an opportunity to network with fellow delegates, companies and key speakers.

                  Our Gala Dinner will consist of a delicious three course dinner with drinks and entertainment. It will be the perfect way to unwind after the first day!

                  09:00 - 09:30
                  Registration 报到

                  Please allow enough time to register before the first lecture begins. 请尽量提前到场注册以免耽误第一节课。

                  Robert Yao is a professor at the Graduate School of TCM at the Five Branches University in California USA. He is an apprentice of Professor Huang Huang and has dedicated his career to bringing Jing Fang to students in the United States. In this lecture, Professor Yao will be introducing delegates to the classical formulas used in Jing Fang practice and how this can be implemented.
                  The ultimate purpose of this lecture is to introduce comprehensive thinking which is crucial for skillful, precise and flexible application of classic formulas in clinic. In this lecture, Dr Yao will discuss classic formulas from the perspectives of body constitutions named after herbs, the descriptions from Shang Han Lun, Jin Gui Yao Lue and from western medicine considerations.
                  Robert will be delivering two half-day lectures during the Lecture Series week:
                  Jing Fang for treating digestive diseases 经方对不孕症的治疗 1st October 14.00 [CHINESE 中文] Using Jing Fang to treat Infertility 经方对消化疾病的治疗 3rd October 9.00 [ENGLISH 英文]

                  Prof. Robert Yao 姚一中教授

                  This will be a chance for delegates and key speakers to have a refreshment break and there will also be trade stands where delegates can browse and try samples for different companies, including Phoenix Medical.

                  The concept of an immune response is described in Chinese medicine as early as in the Han dynasty. The Huangdi Neijing, or the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, is the first and foremost medical textbook to spell out in great detail the step by step process that the body goes through when responding against pathogenic affliction. Analyzing relevant passages of said text can therefore instruct us in the original view of how the immune system works according to classical Chinese medicine and how it loses its balance under atmospheric influences.
                  The treatment of illness then can be seen as the restoration of said imbalance. To guide the treatment of such illness, as understood through the Han dynasty lens, one needs to employ a Han dynasty contemporary therapy. Such system is then found in the Treatise on Cold Damage Shanghan Lun and Essentials of the Golden Cabinet Jingui Yaolue, works written around 200 CE by Zhang Zhongjing, and detailing the treatment of an immune system’s response to external pathogenic influences. This immune system, its imbalances and its consequent therapeutic rectification is described in a six-fold model of six conformations, their clinical presentations and the consequent herbal prescriptions that treat them.
                  During this presentation, Dr. Versluys will show that having the aforementioned classical understanding of the immune system and that using the differentiation model and herbal prescriptions that go along with this view, can provide the herbalist a powerfully streamlined work method for the treatment of auto-immune disorders.

                  • To introduce the participant to the classical Chinese medicine understanding of the immune system and how it responds to external triggers in Chinese medical terms
                  • To introduce the participant in how the Six Conformation model of the Shanghan Lun is the most apt system for categorizing the body’s immune system, as well as guiding consequent treatments of its clinical irregularities

                  Dr Arnaud Versluys will also be delivering a full day course on the Treatment of Auto-Immune Disorders using Canonical Formulas from the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue. This course will be taught in English only and will take place on the 1st October 2018.

                  Dr. Arnaud Versluys

                  We will be providing a delicious three-course lunch for our delegates and key speakers which will allow you to network and browse the trade stands.

                  Clinical application of infertility on syndrome differentiation of the six meridians
                  In the west, we see an increasing number of couples who struggle to conceive. As Jing Fang practitioners, we can successfully identify the root syndromes contributing to infertility. Prof. Li’s presentation will be based on real life cases to discuss the pathology and disease mechanism of infertility, as well as how to use Jing Fang to treat those patients.
                  Prof. Li is highly respected as the Teaching Master of Guangdong Province and in the top 10 most outstanding women of Guangzhou. She is the chief physician, professor and dean of the department of “Treatise on Cold Damage” at Guangzhou University of TCM.

                  Prof. Sai Mei LI 李赛美教授

                  Delegates and key speakers will be offered refreshments and snacks.

                  Dr Tao will be presenting clinical case studies in which he uses the Six Channels theory to treat a number of complex exogenous and internal diseases. Dr Tao believes that Jing Fang is not just about the use of classical formulas, but moreso about the methodology behind diagnosis and corresponding treatment. Dr Tao will also explain the application steps needed to use the theory of the Six Channels according to the classical works by Master Hu Xishu. The lecture will be accompanied and supported by clinical case studies such as “Xiao Chai Hu Tang combined with Hou Pu Wen Zhong Tang to treat pain from stomach distention & fullness”.

                  Dr. Youqiang TAO 陶有强 院长
                  9:00 - 18:00
                  Canonical Chinese Medicine: A Case-Based Instruction on the Treatment of Auto-Immune Disorders using Canonical Formulas from the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue

                  In this course, Dr. Versluys will present the treatment of auto-immune disorders from the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue perspective. The clinical nature of the topic lends itself to a case-based delivery of the material. Dr. Versluys has for years exclusively been practicing the classical style of internal medicine as instructed in the Shanghan and the Jingui, and has amassed a great amount of experience in this field. In this course he will share this experience as it pertains to the classical herbal treatment of immune disorders such as Crohn’s Disease, Auto-immune Hepatitis, Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Lupus SLE, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Psoriatic Arthritis, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, etc.
                  This course will present the participant with valuable clinical strategies while deepening the understanding of immune disorders from a classical perspective.
                  This course will present the participant with valuable clinical strategies while deepening the understanding of immune disorders from a classical perspective.
                  This course will teach the participant to treat a wide variety of auto-immune disorders using classical herbal prescriptions
                  Click here to book this course.

                  Dr. Arnaud Versluys
                  9.00 - 13.00

                  Dr. Shao Kun Luo 娄绍昆


                  姚一中 教授
                  9.00 - 18.00
                  Jing Fang Treatment for Asthma and Bi-Syndromes

                  This full-day course is a rare opportunity to learn from Dr Feng himself, as he is famed for his lifetime achievement in Jing Fang practice. You may have heard about him through his highly esteemed students, who have taught his school of thought around the world, but now is the chance to learn from the master himself.
                  Dr Feng will be teaching you how to use classical Jing Fang formulas to treat two main conditions: Asthma and Bi-Syndromes. As the modern lifestyle becomes further pressured by stress, poor diet & lifestyle, and environmental pollutants, these diseases are becoming more and more prevalent. This course will allow you to look at the origin of the conditions and to treat them from the root cause.
                  Dr Feng Shilun will be delivering this full-day course with Dr Tao Youqiang in Chinese and this will be translated into English.
                  This is a full day course and includes tea breaks and lunch.
                  Click here to book this course.

                  Prof. Feng Shilun 冯世纶教授
                  09:00 - 18:00

                  痹证的六经辨治探讨 内容提要:

                  09:00- 13:00
                  Classical Formulas to Treat Female Infertility

                  From TCM point of view, the causes of female infertility mainly covers Yang deficiency of kidney, Ying deficiency of kidney, liver depression, Phlegm and dampness and blood stasis.
                  Infertility is a widespread problem in the modern world and this is a specialist subject for many TCM practitioners in Europe. Professor Yao will be teaching how to use Classical Formulas to help expectant couples regain health to help them conceive a healthy baby.
                  This lecture will introduce the latest progress of using above classic formulas, how to precisely use the formulas through distinguishing different body patterns, formula indications and how to modify the above formulas based on clinical conditions.
                  The possible pharmacologic mechanisms of the above formulas will be explored. Several clinical group and individual case studies will be presented and discussed.
                  Learning objectives:
                  The purpose of this lecture is to guide us skillfully use the formulas for the infertility women who have different body patterns and manifest in different formula indications.
                  This is a full day course and includes lunch tea breaks.
                  Click here to book this course.

                  Prof. Robert Yao 姚一中 教授
                  09:00 - 13:00

                  内容简介:从临床案例入手,进一步探讨二型糖尿病发病病机、演变规律及治法方药。尤其突出“糖高不离火,降糖不远寒”的个人学术见解并分享临床辨治心得。 糖尿病作为临床常见的慢性代谢性疾病,近年来呈上升趋势,其疾病本身所引起的并发症更是影响病人的生活质量,甚至威胁病人的生命。 纯中医能否治疗糖尿病,其核心和争议点在于疗效问题。李赛美教授通过多年的临床病例观察和总结,从纯中医角度对糖尿病的发病原因,病机认识,治疗思路和组方用药,尤其是经方治疗糖尿病积累了丰富的经验,她的讲座通过多个生动的案例结合中医理论,提出了从“火热”立论治疗糖尿病的新思路。 李教授提出从中医而言,通过调理可以改变遗传基因的后天表达。对于糖尿病的热毒学说理论做了非常清晰的阐述。其核心在于血糖增高时,多表现邪盛热毒症状,如I型糖尿病合并酮症酸中毒者,除气阴虚外,多呈阳明三急下症表现。而2型糖尿病高血糖阶段又多呈现局部湿热,燥热,风热之征象。中医认为血糖其性质为甘温,聚多则生热,热盛则毒生。全身缺糖,局部高糖,全身处于不足或虚损状态,而局部表现火毒亢奋状态,其病机为“郁热虚损”。 李教授在经方治疗糖尿病的思路上更有独到见解。她提出“降糖不远寒”,“扶正重脾肾”的治法治则,治疗的模块组合以“清,开,补,通,化”为方法,以清化,开郁,温补,通脉,化浊立法组方用药,重点阐明立方之本,重在降糖扶正,或降糖不损正。是近年来难得的运用经方治疗糖尿病的全新思路课程。

                  Prof. Li Saimei 李赛美教授
                  09:00 - 18:00
                  Jing Fang Body Constitution Differentiation and Clinical Application 经方体质辩证讲座

                  Following the success of our CPD course with Professor Huang Huang in 2016, we're delighted to have him join us again to teach us his extensive knowledge in using Jing Fang in practice.
                  In this 3 day course, Professor Huang will be teaching us how to differentiate body constitution types and which classical formulas to assign, when presented with certain medical diagnoses.
                  This course will be spoken in Chinese but will be translated to English. This course welcomes English and Chinese speaking practitioners.
                  Click here to book this course

                  Prof. Huang Huang 黄煌教授
                  09:00 - 18:00
                  妇科六经辩证法 (加强版)

                  主讲: 吴雄志
                  先后主持国家及省部级课题8项,授权发明专利3项,发表论文70多篇,SCI收录论文40多篇(40篇为通讯作者/第一作者)。出版中文专著5本, 参编英文著作1本。创立Traditional Medicine Research并担任主编;创立“巴山夜语”中医传承基金;创立“無門医述”中医免费教育平台,带领8万余名学员研习中医;建立一路健康中医在线教育平台。

                  吴雄志 教授

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